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Wind Farm Updates


  • Total acreage for all five sites is 84,435.35 acres. (see Wind Farm maps)
  • W.E.S.T. meteoroligical tower offshore Galveston, Texas has seventeen instruments.
  • W.E.S.T. now has seventeen months of wind data offshore Galveston, Texas.
  • W.E.S.T. meteorlogical tower withstood Hurricane Ike with all structures and instruments in tack. (see Press release)
  • W.E.S.T. meteorological tower continued to record Hurricane Ike data througout the entire hurricane. The only problem encountered was that the cell tower located in Galveston was damaged and data could not be sent to Global Energy Concepts, however all data had been stored on the tower and was retrieved as soon as the land tower was operational again. 
See Wind Farm maps