Wind Energy System Technology  

About W.E.S.T.

Nonrenewable fossil fuels draw on finite resources that will continue to deplete and are fast becoming too expensive and environmentally damaging. 

Wind Energy Systems Technology

Wind Energy Systems Technology (W.E.S.T.) was conceived by Herman J. Schellstede and Harold Schoeffler. The two partners,  Schellstede,  a noted Gulf Coast Marine Engineer and Schoeffler, a well respected Gulf Coast environmentalist, are successfully bridging the gap between traditional offshore oil and gas technology and nascent offshore renewable energy sources.

The W.E.S.T. Group combines over half a century of global offshore engineering and construction experience with a like amount of expertise relative to Gulf Coast environmental issues. Areas of specialization include:

  • Offshore Wind Project Development
  • EPC Contracting
  • Distributed Wind Generation (Hybrid)
  • Sustainable Technology Development

Our Management Team
Bridging Profitability with Social Responsibility

Herman J. Schellstede – Chief Executive Officer
Jack N. Warren – Managing Director
Harold Schoeffler – Environmental Director
Patrick N. Warren – Chief Operational Officer
Andrew T. Fielding - Executive Vice President, Business Development
Christopher Dufour - Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Herman J. Schellstede
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Schellstede has over 37 years ocean engineering experience in the offshore Oil & Gas design, engineering and construction industry, with a specialized emphasis directed towards solving problems.  He has been granted sixty-seven (67) U.S. Patents and ten (10) International Patents.  The patents consider machine and drilling equipment, various industrial products and various environmental systems and equipment.  During his career, Mr. Schellstede’s workforce carried from 500 – 750 personnel.  His company was responsible for the design and construction of many offshore platforms and drilling rigs.  He is a registered Naval Architect and Marine Engineer.

Jack N. Warren
Managing Director

Mr. Warren has been involved in the search for energy for over 56 years.  As Vice-President of Goldrus Drilling Company, he pioneered the “turnkey” concept of drilling deep, high-pressure wells in the Gulf Coast area.  Mr. Warren was made Chairman of the Board in 1979.  Other successful ventures initiated by Mr. Warren include Resolve Drilling Company, SBM Drilling Fluids, Inc., Goldrus Environmental Services and Goldrus Producing Company.  Goldrus Producing Company is an ongoing concern that develops and implements applications for new production technology.  He is a registered Professional Engineer and a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Harold Schoeffler
Environmental Director

Mr. Schoeffler has been involved in environmental causes for over 36 years and is one of the foremost environmentalists in the state of Louisiana.  He holds degrees in Economics and Business Management and has served as Chairman, member and Conservation Chair of the Acadian Group Sierra Club since 1974.  He is a member of the Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club, Chairman and co-founder of Save Our Coast and he has received Sierra Club’s highest conservation award for the State of Louisiana numerous times as well as many other conservationist awards both regionally and nationally.  Mr. Schoeffler has testified for the past twenty years before the Louisiana Legislature on various conservation and environmental issues.  In addition to being a partner in W.E.S.T., he is the organization’s foremost and most experienced advisor regarding the State of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Patrick N. Warren
Chief Operational Officer

Mr. Warren has a diversified business background combining a wide breadth of experience with financial, production, operation and start-up project management.  His combination of operations and financial expertise provide the foundation for various project teams to meet new challenges and achieve economic success.  Warren holds BS and MBA Degrees and completed a Graduate Program in Agricultural Engineering.  He has been directly involved in researching geological data, securing real estate and government permits, negotiating Port leases, hiring employees and managing plant operations for a number of companies.

Andrew T. Fielding
Executive Vice President Business Development

Andrew T. Fielding has over 18 years experience in Energy brokerage and Commodity Finance. As CEO of GT Energy LLC, he was a primary mover in shifting his brokerage base away from Oil & Gas transactions towards Renewable Energy. As a principal in Global Environmental partners (GT/SKM), he has structured a sizeable portfolio of carbon mitigation projects (CDM) throughout the world.

Christopher Dufour
Vice President
Sales & Marketing

Christopher Dufour has 8 years of experience as a Principal of GT Energy LLC, an environmental brokerage and marketing firm specializing in renewable energy and global carbon markets. His specializations include: portfolio management services for energy companies, PPA structuring and deal optimization for each client.

The Benefits of Wind

Wind is a clean energy resource with substantial environmental benefits and offers one of the lowest marginal costs of production.

Wind energy benefits our local and national economy by creating jobs and reducing America's reliance on imported energy. Studies have shown that wind energy provides more jobs per dollar invested or per kilowatt-hour (kWh) generated, than most conventional resource options. And because wind energy reduces conventional energy generation pollutants, it offers far-reaching benefits for public health.

With a cost per kilowatt roughly one half that of geothermal and one fifth that of solar power, wind energy is a clear economic winner, even when compared with traditional energy sources. United States wind energy growth has average more than 50% since 1999. And while this is the fastest growing energy resource in the world, decreasing costs, long term fixed prices, acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions plus increased efforts to reduce air pollution will drive this growth even more quickly.

Offshore wind energy provides the greatest potential for providing energy companies with economic alternatives to using fossil fuels and/or land based wind farms:

  • Offshore winds have less turbulence
  • Offshore winds have a lower wind shear
  • Offshore winds are more consistent
  • Offshore wind projects can be safely located close to coastal population centers
  • Offshore winds tend to increase during the day, when peak demands for power exist

New technologies and sophisticated forecasting techniques combined with better turbines and economies of scale allow offshore wind turbines to generate electricity in all but the most extreme weather conditions.


Galveston Offshore Wind

In granting the first United States offshore lease for wind generation, Mr. Jerry Patterson, Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office said, "Today is a new era for energy development in America, and what better place to begin than in Texas. Texas knows energy and we're ready to lead the nation towards establishing clean, reliable coastal wind power as an energy reality."

The multi-million dollar lease, signed with Galveston-Offshore Wind (a division of Wind Energy System Technology) allowed work to begin on construction of two meteorological towers. The towers will gather pertinent data for permanent placement of wind turbines on the 11,355 acre lease approximately 7 miles off the coast of Galveston, Texas. "Coastal wind power has come to the united States," Patterson said, "and found a home in Texas."

Once completed, the offshore wind farm will produce enough electricity to provide power to about 40,000 homes. By comparison, an equal amount of electricity would require about 20.7 million barrels of oil, or 6.5 tons of coal to produce. By not burning these fossil fuels to create this amount of energy, the wind farm will displace approximately 2.7 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. By comparison, it would necessitate planting nearly 150 square miles of forests to achieve the same goal.

"Wind power is clean and inexhaustible. Wind power reduces our nation's dependence on imported oil and gas. Wind power is inflation proof." Patterson said. "The benefits are great and the drawbacks are few. This is the right step for Texas and the nation."

W.E.S.T. Contacts

Herman J. Schellstede
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Patrick Warren
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Harold Schoeffler
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Andrew Fielding
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Chris Dufour
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Kelly Ball
Administrative Assistant
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William S. Kaplan
Public Relations
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W.E.S.T. Offices


137 Duperier Avenue
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Fax 337.365.7259

Galveston – Offshore Wind, LLC
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