Wind Energy System Technology  


In granting the first United States offshore lease for wind generation, Mr. Jerry Patterson, Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office said, "Today is a new era for energy development in America, and what better place to begin than in Texas. Texas knows energy and we're ready to lead the nation towards establishing clean, reliable coastal wind power as an energy reality."

The multi-million dollar lease, signed with Galveston-Offshore Wind (a division of Wind Energy System Technology) allowed work to begin on construction of two meteorological towers. The towers will gather pertinent data for permanent placement of wind turbines on the 11,355 acre lease approximately 7 miles off the coast of Galveston, Texas. "Coastal wind power has come to the united States," Patterson said, "and found a home in Texas."

Once completed, the offshore wind farm will produce enough electricity to provide power to about 40,000 homes. By comparison, an equal amount of electricity would require about 20.7 million barrels of oil, or 6.5 tons of coal to produce. By not burning these fossil fuels to create this amount of energy, the wind farm will displace approximately 2.7 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. By comparison, it would necessitate planting nearly 150 square miles of forests to achieve the same goal.

"Wind power is clean and inexhaustible. Wind power reduces our nation's dependence on imported oil and gas. Wind power is inflation proof." Patterson said. "The benefits are great and the drawbacks are few. This is the right step for Texas and the nation."