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About W.E.S.T.

Nonrenewable fossil fuels draw on finite resources that will continue to deplete and are fast becoming too expensive and environmentally damaging. 

Wind Energy Systems Technology

Wind Energy Systems Technology (W.E.S.T.) was conceived by Herman J. Schellstede and Harold Schoeffler. The two partners,  Schellstede,  a noted Gulf Coast Marine Engineer and Schoeffler, a well respected Gulf Coast environmentalist, are successfully bridging the gap between traditional offshore oil and gas technology and nascent offshore renewable energy sources.

The W.E.S.T. Group combines over half a century of global offshore engineering and construction experience with a like amount of expertise relative to Gulf Coast environmental issues. Areas of specialization include:

  • Offshore Wind Project Development
  • EPC Contracting
  • Distributed Wind Generation (Hybrid)
  • Sustainable Technology Development

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